About K'mell Designs

K'mell Designs Is a polyfacetic brand that offers different designs in accessories with a fashion and functionality touch. Founded by Melissa Rubio and her unique perspective on life only an Aquarian can understand, This Colombian has been using her architect studies to adapt her designs into the fashion word.

K'mell is Melissa's creative abbreviation of "Chameleon" where in her own style she offers a brand new concept where just as a chameleon changes and adapts its skin, K'MELL bags will adapt to their owners ever-changing looks. These never-before seen combinations of fabrics and minimalistic clean tailoring brings lycra to a new concept with shots of vibrant colors and applications where it is transformed into a new elegance. K'MELL bags share the same ability as the chameleon where it can change to its environment. Your K'MELL bag will help you adapt to any Cosmopolitan Jungleā€¦.Now be a K'MELLEON.